What is Feeting doing to be in compliance with GDPR?


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Feeting is excited about the GDPR and the strong data privacy and security principles it emphasises. As part of the compliance process, we are continuously improving our internal documentation, data systems, processes, and procedures to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

More precise, we...

  • Updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to describe what data we collect and how we use it. This includes the communication of any data used in the maintenance, improvement, research, support and management of our tools necessary for your account to function correctly.
  • Audited all third-party vendors we work with and updated our third-party vendor contracts to meet the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Secured customer support troubleshooting.
  • Updated product workflows to include GDPR provisions for EU/EEA customers.
  • Address any requests made by Feeting customers users to their expanded individual rights under the GDPR, including deletion of personal data, updating personal data, and transferring personal data to another platform.
  • Continue to encrypt our users’ personal information, lead, and billing data. We do not have any access to our users’ lead data.

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