Why is spatial audio not working for me?


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When you don't hear the other participants around you, then spatial audio is not (yet) working for you and it's very likely that your smartphone or headphones are using the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. 
Spatial audio is the hottest trend on the block, and Feeting's Spatial Audio is leading the way in quality, experience, and clarity. Lots of companies are beginning to see the benefits of spatial audio and how it can improve user experiences and make remote interactions just plain fun.

Unfortunately, there are challenges with Bluetooth 5.0 and Spatial Audio. The biggest challenge with Bluetooth devices today is that the hardware can not simultaneously receive stereo audio and transmit microphone input. When in listen-only mode, devices can use the full Bluetooth bandwidth to transmit multi-channel stereo audio data; but, when both listening and using the microphone, they have to split the bandwidth between mic and output. This means that when you're using your AirPods or other Bluetooth headsets, you can't listen in stereo and use the Bluetooth device to capture your microphone input as well.

Luckily the landscape is changing very rapidly. Most Android phones that are released right now support Bluetooth 5.2, which consumes less energy, and has a way higher audio quality. Check out this list if you want to know if your phone supports Bluetooth 5.2: https://www.epey.co.uk/phone/bluetooth-version/5-2/  

Unfortunately, iOS is still using the old Bluetooth 5.0, so if you want to experience Spatial Audio, you have to get some wired headphones or earbuds. There are strong rumors that the new iPhone 14 (coming this fall) and Airpods Pro 2 will support Bluetooth 5.2 as well. Fingers crossed. 

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