Is there an Outlook add-in?


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Yes, with the 'Feeting scheduler for Outlook' you can simply schedule Feetings straight from your Outlook calendar.

  1. Click in Outlook on 'Get add-ins' and then search for Feeting or click on the link here:
  2. Install the 'Feeting scheduler for Outlook'.
  3. Create a new appointment and notice the new 'Feeting' button in the ribbon.
  4. Click on 'Configure'.
  5. Put in your personal invite link from Feeting (eg.
  6. Click on the Feeting button again and choose 'Make it a Feeting'.

You will notice that the location field is automatically filled with your Feeting link and it adds some instructions for your invitees to the body of the invitation. Easy as that. Let us know in case you have cool suggestions to further integrate it.

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