I'm invited for a Feeting. Now what?


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Are you invited for a feeting through a calendar invite with a https://feetwith.me/xyz link? That's great!

You're very close to your first Feeting experience and breaking free from boring meeting rooms or sitting all day behind your desk. Once the meeting starts, simply tap on the invite link from your mobile phone. If you haven't installed the app yet, you will be brought to the app store, where you can download it and then open the app.

After the app opens, it will automatically bring you to the right feeting room. You can see if the others are already there. You can also jump in as the first one.

We recommend you put in some BlueTooth earphones and put your phone in your pocket once connected. We'll let you know through a subtle audio-cue when someone joins or leaves the Feeting.

During your walking meeting, you can entirely focus on the conversation. Feeting makes sure that you'll get an excellent summary of the topics, questions, follow-ups and actions afterward*.

*Currently English only, we're working hard to support other languages. Let us know in case you're interested in a specific language.

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